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Shavers - Budget Electric Shaver for Men

A Perfect Gift Idea for Man. But, Why Electric Shavers ? A Need or a Style? Yes it is a Style Symbol but Shavers for Men are not a Luxury today, Infact is an essential product today for men, specially for professionals as they have to shave daily, or frequent fliers /travellers etc.  Besides being a Stylish Product, it helps protecting your skin,  Use of regular razors does harm your skin and makes your facial hair tough. To avoid this the electric shavers are the best of options. Electric shavers also tend to save your time from regular visit to the salon. If you are in a regular need of shave, this  gadget solves your problem. A little investment in a shaver doesn’t cost a hole in your pocket rather saves all the extra penny you invest by going to salon and buying razors. This also keeps your skin healthy as it does not comes in harsh contact as the razors. Many of us also have face problem of cuts during shave and electric shavers ensures that never happens. Many men with sensitive skin and prone to irritation benefits by the use of shavers. Unlike razors electric savers have no chance to cause burns and cuts to the skin. This is today a useful product and hence becomes a BEST GIFT FOR A MAN. It comes under one of the best selling Product in the category of Men’s ideal Gifts.(Category – Shavers and Trimmers, Shaver for Men, Shaver Machine, Gift Idea for Men)

Philips Aquatouch AT610

Great product  in your budget from the electronic giants Philips. This shaver suited for a refreshing shave with any shaving gel or foam and provides comfort to your skin. This can also be used for a quick dry shave in hurry. The blades are round edged which helps it to glide across your skin smoothly and enables to give you a comfortable shave. The looks of this product are a plus and the pop-up trimmer adds to it. Takes Around 10 hours to get fully charged and gives 30min of cordless Shave


Philips – S5050/06

Aqua Touch S5050/06 is one of the best to provide a comfort shave. The blade system glides smoothly and are designed to protect your skin. This shaver would be preferred on wet face. Its 5 direction flex heads with independent movements comes in close contact with the skin and gives the best shave. The one extra feature it provides is its Smartclick precision trimmer which can be used to size your mustaches. 30 Minutes of Cordless shave per charge, Waterproof and washable. Comes with 2 yrs Warranty.


Havells RS 7130 Shaver

This product was launched in 2018 and has been one of the best shavers for anyone under budget. Supports Wet and Dry Shave. This shaver comprises of 4D floating blades which can adjust to your face and makes you feel comfortable. It has three head rotatory shavers that cleans the facial hair with ease. The blades are precise and give you close shave without harming your skin. The battery life is among the best as it runs for 120 minutes after fully charged which takes not more than 2hours. This gives the best value of your money at budget range and comes with 2 yrs Warranty.


Panasonic ES – SL41R

This Panasonic shaver comes with Japanese blade technology which has nano-polished blades- 30 degree inner blades featuring nanotechnology which cuts the hair at its base and provides a close shave. It has multi-fit arc blades which fits effortlessly to every part of the skin. It also has a Popup Trimmer for to trim moustache and side burns. Washable and Waterproof, Wet or Dry Shaving. A good Cordless shaving experience all together. Comes with 2 yrs Warranty.


Braun Series 3 IN 1 – 3010BT

Multipurpose 3in1, Braun series 3 makes to this list due to its unique features. The shaver is a 3 in one grooming tool. This provides a clean shave or just trim or styling of your beard just by switching the head of the device. And to accompany your cause, 5 comb attachments are provided to use as you desire. The product comes with three pressure sensitive shaving elements for you skin comfort and give the best shave possible.Wet and Dry Shave, trimmings etc with washable blades, Premium Battery that gives  45 minutes shave and only takes 60 minutes for full charge.


Hatteker 4 in 1 Shaver

A Unique Chinese product added because of its Multipurpose 4in1, Shaver with Trimmer, Nose Hair trimmer. Suitable for both wet and dry shave, Waterproof design, gives upto 60 Minutes of shave and takes only 90 minutes to get full charged. Extra attachment for Sideburn trimming and it also has a cleaning brush and a nose hair trimmer. Led indicator  gives you and idea about remaining battery backup. It usually takes around 20 days to arrive as it is shipping from China. We also found good feedbacks on Amazon.


Today, Mens Grooming kit is incomplete without Shavers,
Hope you liked our Budget Shavers Section.


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